My Tale of love, a love story with love untold..

It was a bright morning. A face with charm, deep eyes reflecting innate beauty of the soul, an opportunity of romance glittering over the cheeks, radiating lips uttering words as soft as peacock feather, lovely loose hair flying in the air just like my heart which had believed for blink of a moment that it had wings, in a school uniform brown striped and near to the school main gate, with stunning still eyes I glanced for the first time, an angel, as I left my body missing a beat, wanting to cherish the feeling of her as my own soul, oneness gearing to its top.
We were in 9th standard at school when she swept me off my feet. She had got admission in my school only at 9th standard and was put in my section, where the entire school and my perception on life had started seeing a merry go round. Of-course I was in deep rooted, stem strong, hard leaved, soft flowered, bright fruited, true love. It was one sided and pure enough that I had spoken hardly 50 words until school got over. Her name is Shally Kennedy. I was in love, my first love, but untold. After school got over, on last day, after last exam in 12th standard,though I had planned to propose to her, actually I couldn’t because of two reasons. One is that, my friend who has also loved her, knowing my last day plan, proposed to her before I did, came back with her reply to him that she wanted to be a nun and dedicate her life to god and the needy. She was basically a very good girl with so much of god feelings and church. Secondly, I was lacking guts to propose, as so many questions prevailed within me about life.
After school, I joined Engineering in Chennai and she too in a different college in Chennai itself. I had just known her college name by one of my friend and nothing else. I did searched her once, in all departments asking many, by visiting her college for a symposium. I don’t have her contact in anyway now. But I still have a beautiful memory of her, only to say, ‘I love you’ , if at all I meet her anytime in future. First love is all time a wonder, a baloon filled with your own soul in a beautiful threading; a lengthy poem written with soulful touch and feathery love; a gist of awe in a single breath; a beat that touches even god when heart sinks in the ocean of soulful love;yet to discover another god particle, unexplained. I saw her as my goddess in human form, just like a wave to sweep me out and include within itself. I love you Shally, wherever you are and If you’ll read this I propose to you from deepest of myself, I LOVE YOU and want to live a life with you for rest of my life with lots of love and bliss.